About Dr. J

   Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky (commonly known as Dr. J) has been involved in the Standardbred industry since the tender age of 6. Her family (parents, grandparents and uncle) operated a turn-out farm in Syosset just minutes from Roosevelt Raceway. It was at this farm that Dr. J’s love and appreciation for the Standardbred racehorse blossomed into a lifelong commitment to the business. Dr. J graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 1996 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Her first job as a veterinarian was secured at Hanover Shoe Farms, the world’s premiere Standardbred nursery. Beginning as a resident veterinarian and working her way to Farm Manager and then Executive Vice President, Jablonsky become a renowned expert in the field of equine reproduction as well as breeding stock management. In her years as Hanover’s Executive Vice President Dr. J was solely responsible for booking the farm’s 300 plus broodmares as well as the management of such stallions as Somebeachsomewhere, Captaintreacherous, Stay Hungry, Bar Hopping and Cantab Hall. Dr J was also responsible for the syndication of Greenshoe, Tall Dark Stranger and Papi Rob Hanover. Jablonsky left the employment of Hanover Shoe Farms in January of 2023 to start her own equine consulting business, “Dr. J Standardbred Advisor”.

About Dana Parham

  Dana was born on February 12th , 1951 at Grant Hospital in downtown Columbus, Ohio. He attended Columbus public schools halfway through his junior year in high school. He then moved to Lewis Center, just outside Delaware, Ohio, to finish high school. He married in 1970 and had two wonderful children and remained in Central Ohio until February of 1977. He now resides in Florida where the weather is much more congenial during the winter months.

 Both of Dana’s parents were born and raised in the great state of Ohio. His father attended Ohio State University for agriculture. His mother worked as a legislative assistant for several senators in the State Legislature. Dana’s maternal grandparents resided in Athens, Ohio. His great grandmother was the first woman in Athens, Ohio, to have a hunting license. She also got to know one of the Wright brothers that her cousin was dating. Dana’s paternal grandparents resided in Shaker Heights, just outside Cleveland. His grandfather owned his own garage from about 1940 until 1956.

 Dana loved horse racing from the very first time he set foot at a racetrack at the age of 14. He and his friends would attend Beulah Park in the fall of 1970. In the summer of 1971 he and his friends took a trip to Scioto Downs just outside Columbus, Ohio, and he has been hooked on harness racing since. He would go almost every night Scioto was open until he left Ohio in 1977. Dana always said, “If I ever make any money, I want to own a stable of standardbred race horses.” In 2001, Dana claimed his first horse and has owned horses since. Presently he has ownership in about 350 race horses and broodmares.

A note from Dana:
Having been born and raised in Ohio, my love for the state and the people has never diminished. I am proud to be part of Ohio as is all of my family. Dr. J and I wanted to set up our first stallion station in Ohio because of my history and love for the state. We also wanted to be here first because of what Ohio means to harness racing. I race more horses in Ohio than anywhere else and plan to make Ohio an even bigger part of my racing and breeding future.

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