Welcome to Dr. J Stallion Management

Dr. J Stallion Management brings Dr. J’s extensive knowledge of harness racing, stallion management and equine reproduction to stallion owners. With her numerous contacts with breeders and personalized commitment and attention to your stallion, Dr. J will strive to ensure that your goals as a stallion owner are achieved. By entrusting your stallion to Dr. J Stallion Management, you will know that the syndication of your stallion has been personally presented to breeders, every mare booked to your stallion has been personally approved by Dr. J and any fertility problem, mare or stallion, have been addressed by her. Give your stallion every chance to succeed by placing him in the hands of the expert in her field, Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky.

To help any Stallion get off on the right hoof, Dr. J has teamed up with Dana Parham, one of the largest owners of pacing mares in our industry. With well over 100 young, well bred mares available to breed to Dr. J Stallion Management is heads above its competition. 

I put my heart and soul in every breeding.

-Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky

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